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Shinmi Essay

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Better Business Communications
Business culture report
Executive summary
Singapore is a multiethnic society comprising of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian communities, so it’s very important to understand the business culture. Our report tells you some basic information that you need to know about doing business in Singapore. A few tips to consider will be provided in the following. Hopefully they will be useful for you.
This report will look at some topics about business culture in Singapore, such as:
  * Appearance
  * Behavior
  * Entertainment
  * Meetings
  * Business practice
  1. Appearance
Because of hot temperature, business dress in Singapore is usually casual but more formal than in many Western countries.
  * Men: Standard office wear should include dark trousers, long sleeved shirts and a tie.   Jackets are perceived to be optional. On extremely hot days, a light-colored long-sleeved shirt without a tie and trousers are usually preferred.
  * Women: Standard office wear includes a blouse with pants or skirt. Business suits are only required in more formal offices.

  2. Behavior
  * It is important to respect the personal space of others when you are doing business in Singapore.
  * Singaporeans like to keep their counterparts at arm’s length and might back away if you come too close
  * The way people are addressed depends on their heritage:
+ Chinese people, for instance, usually have three names. Their family name is first, followed by two personal names. You should always use the honorific title when speaking to a Chinese business partner.
+ Malays often adopt their father’s name with the connector “bin” (“son of”) or “binti” (“daughter of”).
+ Your Indian business partners might use a shortened version of their name because Indian names are often very long.
  3. Entertainment
  * Most entertainment is done in restaurants.
  * Always bring the hosts a gift when invited to...

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