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Should Cars Be More Efficient Essay

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Should Cars Be More Efficient
ShaKisha Hardcastle
SCI 207
Haleh Keshtkar
20 Aug 2012


Should Cars Be More Efficient?

          Over time, society’s improvement in technologies has caused an increase in mobility, specifically with the switch from horses to automobiles. Although the creation of cars and others vehicles was a huge convenience, people have failed to see the detrimental effects they cause. Many argue that the use of oil and its contribution to global warming is a huge issue, and that automobiles should be more fuel-efficient; this is something that the Corporate Average Fuel Economy CAFÉ works to do. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the works of the CAFE should be taken away for their efforts have not been effective. Besides the CAFE, other stakeholders in this issue include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), United States Congress, automobile manufacturers, and automobile consumers. Sub-issues dealing with whether cars should be fuel-efficient include the amounts of oil used, safety issues, and issues relating to employment and the economy.
          In Taking Sides, David Friedman states the many reasons why fuel-efficient cars are imperative, and explains what needs to be done in order to fulfill the fuel economy goals made by the government and the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). First of all, he mentions how decreasing our usage in oil would cut back on releasing greenhouse gases, and would also help decrease oil demand, since we are mostly dependent on other countries for it. Also, he explains how with technology today, manufacturers can assure consumers that fuel-efficient cars don’t necessarily jeopardize the size or the safety of the vehicle, which is what many people are concerned over. In addition, the production of vehicles with a high fuel economy can always provide employment, and therefore contributing...

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