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Should Parents Make Important Decisions for Their Teenager Children? Essay

  • Submitted by: hinancythegirl
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Should Parents Make Important Decisions for Their Teenager Children?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Making decisions isn’t always easy but person deciding is very importance, especially teenagers. Many parents want interfere in their children’s decisions because of their considerateness. However, children have their own thought, parents can’t bend children to their will. Therefore, parents shouldn’t make important decision for their teenager children for the three following reasons.
Firstly, teenagers have their own aspirations to make their dreams come true. They can decide what to do. When they make decisions all on their own, they have to try more and more. The motivation makes them unflinching. The achievements will be meaningful to them.
Secondly, parents decisions create great pressure on their children. Teenagers children will do everything unwillingly. Because enforcement, they willl have no determination to do everything. They just do what parents want, they have no their viewpoints. In fact, many children depend on parents, they can’t decide anything without the parents. That becomes bad habit when they are mature.
Finally, children are responsible for their decisions. Once children determine, they can’t deny result, If the result is good, they are successful but if not, what will they do? They learn to stand on their own feet, decide anything in situations without parents. They have to face with what happening in their lives. The life will make them learn to decide quickly and effectively.
Many parents might disagree and say that children don’t know what is right or wrong to make decisions. However, if parents make decisions for their children, who will do that when teenager children are in muturation. Parents should let children dispose their desire. Parent can give some advices, not interpose.
In conclusion, children can know exactly whatthey need. Nurturing and educating childrens are the responsibility of parents but parent should let the children face to their lives and study the way to take responsibility for themselves. It is the best way...

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