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Should the Us Take Action in Genocide? Essay

  • Submitted by: yb1996
  • on September 19, 2012
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Dear President Obama,
My name is Yash Bhardwaj and I am a student at West-Windsor Plainsboro High School North. For the past few weeks, we have researched different genocides in class, decided whether or not the hegemon of that time took the right decision in handling the genocide, and we presented our findings to the class. After much thought, I have come up with some advice for how the United States of America, as a hegemonic nation, ought to respond to genocides occurring in the world today. Since the United States is the hegemon, it has to take some role in the solution of any genocide that occurs. It is only when the hegemon takes action that the genocide ends can be seen.
One important topic which pops up is when the U.S. should intervene. To address this question, the legal definition of genocide has to be taken to account. In 1948, the UN General Assembly had invented the legal definition of Genocide which is most commonly referred as “Article II.” In Article II there are five clear and distinct factors which describe what a genocide really is. The United States has to use Article II to see whether an incident in another country can be defined as genocide. If an incident does fit the definition of genocide, then the United States has to intervene. This is because there are genocidal acts which are being committed that need to be stopped. If the United States does not intervene, then there is a low chance that the genocide will be stopped in a short period of time. As the hegemon, the U.S. has the most resources and it has to use these resources to stop a genocide, if one is taking place.
When the U.S. does intervene a genocide, it should take a military form. Also international organizations, like NATO, should also intervene to speed up the process of putting troops in the area needed so that peace and order could be achieved rapidly. The United States should take military action because it is the only way to forcefully stop a genocide. In Cambodia’s...

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