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Should We Replace Textbooks with Laptops? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Should We Replace Textbooks with Laptops?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In these modern days, Computers have taken center stage in all aspects of human lives. Moreover, it cannot be avoided that computers bring about a lot of improvements especially in quickening task completion and solving human problems. Hence, students should be facilitated with computers in order to prepare new generations which can handle impending problems faster and more precisely.

Firstly, Discussing about today’s education, we inevitably have used too many papers which lead to the increasing of the need of trees. Indonesia, for instance, has extinguished half of its rain forests in these few decades. Furthermore, some irresponsible businessmen massively chop the tress without allowance which causes some unexpected disasters happen and exterminate the surroundings. Hence, for the solution, papers should be replaced with computers which are more portable, eco-friendly, and can be used in a spacious manner.

There is a myth that only the affluent can afford computers, due to the fact that computers are still expensive enough for some people. But, computers, nowadays, are much cheaper than before and computer scientists will strive to find ways to create computers which are more affordable in the future.

Dating back to the past, when “The fun they had” and some science-fiction books published, there was an expectation that computers, someday, would replace papers and other materials to provide better education in the world. Then, our task is to support this expectation and to search relentlessly to render possible improvement that would generate the expected computers.

To sum up, technology era as today indisputably need to follow the current trend so that we can compete with others. Moreover, computers are proven to bring a lot of beneficial inputs to humans' jobs. Hence, i strongly recommend that computers should be the main tools of education instead of papers.

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