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Shrm Essay

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Success in finding a job is sometimes the most irritating task to follow through with when you aren’t satisfied with the benefits the company has to offer.   I believe participating in SHRM could result in being very positive to an individual’s life. SHRM is the Society for Human Resources professionals.   The organization provides job listings and other means for HR business workers.   Not only does SHRM provide job listings, but I have found it also has many other helpful topics within the organization. Joining SRHM would be supportive as to finding out more information in the HR field.
          SHRM offers career advancement, an equal balance between work and life outside of job, a comfortable work environment, and daily responsibilities, which all lead to overall success and happiness in the business world. All of these options are important to any job, and if all of them are available, work life will be enjoyable.
        SHRM can prepare students for their future.   An important factor to any type of management is effective communication. Participating in SHRM will help students to better understand and develop communication skills by being around and working with other employees. In my research, there are more than 450 student chapters that are associated on college campuses throughout the United States. These chapters provide a local environment for personal and professional advancement, several ways to enhance leadership skills, and focus on legislative attention to different Human Resource Management issues.   My opinion as a student; I would want to start out with something that allows me to be successful, and shows me what the workforce has to offer. A fun environment and enough time to get my duties complete, as well as time for myself, would be ideal factors of a job I would like to have.
          Being a member of SHRM allows students to get involved. Many students already have busy lives, but I think being part of SHRM can really help out anyone...

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