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Sibling Influence Essay

  • Submitted by: gormanj
  • on October 5, 2012
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Just about everybody has heard this expression; either as a parent hearing siblings bicker or as a child being harassed by another sibling.   Although they may not be enjoyable at times, siblings play a major role in how a child develops and who they grow up to be.   There are several factors in a child’s development when siblings are involved, ranging from birth order and age difference to how children start their relationship.   Genetically, siblings are more alike than anybody else however; they are no more similar in personality than a group of strangers.   Children without siblings often develop differently due to an environment where most of their socialization is with adults.   Quite a bit of research has been done to determine how much those factors play a role a child’s development, and a majority of them lacking empirical evidence.
According to Azmitia, there is a unique role between siblings in cognitive development.   In the study, there was a younger sibling, an older sibling and an older familiar peer.   The three were allowed to assemble a model windmill unassisted and then there was a teaching session where the older sibling and peer were allowed to instruct and aid the younger peer.   They study observed the interactions of the siblings and peers and noticed that there was more interaction between the siblings.   The interaction of the siblings was more of a two way street where they younger sibling asked and insisted on more information from the older sibling than they older peer.   There was a posttest conducted which showed the younger sibling performed better from the assistance and mentoring of the older sibling. (Azmitia & Hesser, 1993)
Another major influence on a child’s development within the family is the non-shared environment.   A shared environment primarily only occurs in twin or multiple births.   Within a family, the parents may remain the same; however the rest of the environment has changed.   The family may be more or less financially...

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