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Silence Essay

  • Submitted by: harrisoncoleman
  • on August 9, 2015
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I let silent tears stream down my cheeks as I stare deep into the six foot hole before me that only seems to grow deeper each passing moment. Time slows down as they lower the casket that holds my deepest secrets, and fondest memories, trapped in the mind of my best friend. The headstone they place above her head gleams an emerald green, just as my mother’s eyes had once shone at me, before the life was torn from her grasp.
“Emily,” I hear her soothing voice still echo in my head.
I wake up with a cold sweat dripping off my face. The chain my mother once wore clings desperately to my neck as it often does when I dream of her abrupt death. I grasp the locket that hangs from it and feel something slide down my cheek, not wanting to look at it I lay back down and take a deep breath.
“I love you mom, I miss you so much,” I send the silent prayer somewhere to my mother, knowing that she will get the message.
“Aunt Carmen?” I say a few hours later, sitting at the dining room table.
“Hmm,” she says, not looking up from her newspaper and probably only half listening.
“Can we talk?” I let the sadness I felt in my dream linger into my voice, this gets her attention.
“Of course sweetie, what is it?” she asks, taking my hand in hers.
“My dreams,” I pause, looking into the eyes that match the glimmer my mother’s once held. “I’ve been having dreams of my mother. I can still hear her voice as if she’s still calling for me.
“It’s been nearly a year darling, do you believe her spirit is still here protecting you?”
My aunt is a dream analyst and a therapist, I got lucky. “Maybe, but why wouldn’t she help me and tell me what really happened to her?”
“You know what happened Emily, she was in a wreck.”
“I don’t believe that,” I say bluntly.
“The coroner’s report said,”
“I don’t care what it said, I know in my heart that it’s not the truth,” I say, cutting her off quickly.
“I don’t believe it either darling,” she removes her hand from mine and takes a bite...

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