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Silicon Valley Model Essay

  • Submitted by: colinshin7
  • on September 18, 2012
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Colin Shin
Mr. Lunardo 10PE C

Does the introduction of professionals create a sense of ‘fair play’ and promote the ideal of ‘sport for all’
From the beginning, the Olympics were designed for only amateur athletes. It was forbidden to receive monetary support or any kind of unfair advantage from other sponsors - a violation of this would result in a medal probation. However, after   the Soviets started training their athletes hardcore for the whole resting period, it showed that they took all the medals. Since the Soviets were at a greater advantage, there was a law passed that allowed other nations to train their own athletes as well.
The Olympics were started to bring countries together and through sports and nationalism bring a sense of global peace. However, with fierce competition, money became involved, and the Games became a way of using massive funds to win the medals.
In my opinion, the original ideal of ‘sport for all’ isn’t really promoted and there isn’t a big sense of ‘fair play’. First, poor countries wouldn’t have the available and obvious resources that other countries can afford, such as coaches, gyms, equipment, and programs. Also, this isn’t fair at all for countries that are really trying to secure the ideal peace and focus on the celebration itself.
Since the teams and players aren’t equal, this creates a major dilemma since the ideal is different from today’s Olympics. Another problem is that since countries aim to claim the gold medal, other medalists and non-medalists do not get enough recognition and the respect they deserve. As much as the overall standard Olympic athlete is so high and difficult, just by the fact of participating in the activity should be a great honor and respectful achievement booming with pride and dignity.



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