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Six String Talent Essay

  • Submitted by: Snakoo
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Six String Talent
“It’s been eight years and now I will finally see them in person,” I thought to myself. The airplane I was on came to a complete stop on the tarmac and a friendly Japanese voice sounded through the speakers in the ceiling. Having not slept for a single moment during the fourteen-hour flight, I plodded wearily through the humid Philippine air with heavy luggage alongside my mother and brother. As we walked between inattentive natives who seemed to take no notice of anyone but themselves, a familiar yet alien voice shouted from behind me. I remember feeling a hard pat on my back before the world turned black from exhaustion.
I woke up to an electric fan blowing at my face. The room was surprisingly cold due to a wall air conditioner. I scanned the room and saw a single light bulb in the ceiling illuminating the small room, revealing an old-fashioned cabinet with a deteriorating appearance and mirror propped up in the corner to my right. Underneath the blinded windows on the far wall in front of me was a Samsung LED TV sitting on top of a double-leveled glass. I questioned and talked to myself, “Where am I? How did I get here? This room looks oddly like my Uncle Arnel’s house…”   I panicked, jumping off the bed and walking on the smooth, immaculate tile surface towards a wooden door. As I approached the door, mixed noises emanated from behind it; my ears picked up the sound of roosters cawing, car motors running, and a guitar strumming. The pores of my skin opened up as I stepped into the sweltering air of the living room. My eyes focused on a man playing “Stairway to Heaven” flawlessly on a lightning blue electric guitar hooked up to a small amplifier. The man turned around and shot a friendly smile at me and greeted me in Tagalog. He looked no older than twenty-five and his calm, rested face showed no indication of lack of sleep. He got up and left the house, driving a small motorcycle down the beaten down road.
Later during the day, I found...

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