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Sixth Sense Essay

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The sensational avenue of SixthSense
“I don’t want this to comply with some corporate policy. I want people to make their own system. Why not? ”

This is the slogan of the PhD candidate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pranav Mistry, the man behind SixthSense (a wearable gestural interface). SixthSense is not only a technology but an idea on which an average person would bet a million dollars. But by making the SixthSense project open source, he has proved himself as an innovator par excellence.
Mistry’s Sixth Sense project brings the virtual world and the physical world together, the idea being to get rid of the bulky (not to mention expensive) mobile and computer devices. Unlike the other advanced technologies springing up these days, SixthSense device can be made using inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware components. Basically, it is pocket PC with a gesture recognition application that can be used even when you are on the move. It consists of just a camera to see what you see, a mini-projector to provide you with a video display and a mirror. The user also needs to wear coloured markers (fiducials) at the tips of their fingers. The camera recognizes and tracks user’s hand gestures through the camera with the help of fiducials. These hand gestures serve as the basic input medium for SixthSense. The components are coupled into a mobile device which can be worn round your neck like a pendant. Thus, it is not only an exceptional but also cost-effective concept.
SixthSense prototypes cost approximately $350 (₹17500) to build. On 5th September, 2011 Mistry added a link to the source code of Sixth Sense on his personal website. As of now, SixthSense is only recognizes 2D hand gestures. Mistry envisions it to take it to next level by inviting user participation, making it recognize 3D hand gestures and to try and discontinue the use of fiducials.
It is undoubtedly one of the most jaw-dropping inventions of the computer-age. With technologies like these,...

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