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Skills of a Manager Essay

  • Submitted by: khushboo255
  • on January 7, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Skills of a Manager" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Basic Skills ofa Manager:
1. Conceptual Skills
• The mental ability of a manager to coordinate all the organizations interests and activities.
• A manger with good conceptual skills can visualize a bigger picture of the organization.

2. Human Skills
• Ability to work with, understand and motivate other people both individually and in groups by building relationships, empathizing and so on.
• This is the most important of the four skills of a manager.

3. Technical Skills
• Ability to use tools, procedures and techniques of a specialized field in which the manager is working.
• It refers to the skills required in marketing functions like marketing, Finance, Operations and Human resources which is necessary for day to day functioning.

4. Political Skills
• Ability to enhance one’s position, build a power base and establish the right connection.
• Political skills can be built through networking, lobbying and developing public relations.
• It helps a manger in wielding influence over others and to lead them.

3 Skills Every 21st Century Manager Needs:
1. Code Switching Between Cultures
The three steps involved in easy switching between two cultures are:
• Diagnosing the challenges faced due to cultural switching
• Making small but meaningful adjustments that are appropriate in the new cultural setting, true to values through behaviour that blend elements of both cultures
• Fully appreciate the value of code-switching by focussing on how the desired outcome aligns with personal goals and values.
2. Wielding Digital Influence
To build an effective online network focus in needed on three things:
• Reputation
 Building Reputation
Reputation is build by offering interesting content, drawing attention to their web presence and motivating others to circulate and act on their ideas.
 Assessing Reputation
Reputation in digital world can be assessed through services such as Klout and Identified which gives scores on basis of how many...

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