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Slam Essay

  • Submitted by: marie95
  • on September 19, 2012
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Slam- about a 16-year-old father

  The Author
  The Book:
            2.1. Title
            2.2. “w-questions”
            2.3. content
            2.4. the End
            2.5. characters constellation
            2.6. characterization
            2.7. complex of problems
  critics' opinions
  personal opinion

  the Author
Nick Hornby was born on 17 April 1957. He is an English novelist. His most popular works are “About a Boy” and “High Fidelity”. He studied English at the University of Cambridge. During his time there he wrote radio dramas and television plays. Not until 1992 he attend to writing. Before he was a English teacher and among other things he was active for immigrants.
His autistic son Danny was the reason why Hornby is one of the founders of an organisation which agitate for special needs at school.
His Romans are affected by conflicts with the everyday life, sometimes with reference to his own biography. In his Roman Fever Pitch he wrote about his own experiences as a fan of the FC Arsenal and their influence to his life. Later the thematic about handicaps (like the handicap of his son) and depressions become a place in his works. He thinks that it is crooked if the everyday life is not described in a book and that people want to read about the everyday life too.

  the Book
  2.1. Title
what does “slam” mean? The word slam is a definition which is used by skaters. It identified a fall. I think Hornby chose this title because it must be the feeling that Sam has, when he find out that he will get a father with 16. And because the fact that Sam is a skater there's also a reference between the title and the hobby of sam.

      2.2. “w-questions”
The Story plays in
Sam, a 16-year-old skater
his Mother (Annie), 32 years
Alicia, 16 years old
Alicia's Parents (Andrea and Robert)
Rabbit and Schrott
Sam and Alicia are getting parents with 16 years.

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