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Slums in India Essay

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  * Slums are found in various parts of the world but their nomenclature is not uniform. In Kolkata they are known as bustees,in Mumbai, in Chennai cherrys and in delhi, khatras.
  * Slum situation and clusters, like any other phenomenon,vary from country to country mainly in details.
  * Poverty, overcrowding, insanitation and ill health, etc. are some of the common but significant characteristics.
  * countries deny their existence, they can be found in the casba of tunis or the resort centres of Havana and burmuda.
  * countries deny their existence, they can be found in the casba of tunis or the resort centres of Havana and burmuda.
India is urbanising very fast and along with this, the slum population is also increasing. India's urban population is increasing at a faster rate than its total population. With over 575 million people, India will have 41% of its population living in cities and towns by 2030 from the present level of 286 million and 28%. However, most of them do not have access to basic facilities like drinking water and sanitation.
Among the urban poor, the slum dwellers are the poorest. The very definition of slums points at the acute drinking water and sanitation crisis for the slum dwellers. A slum in India is defined as 'a cluster inside urban areas without having water and sanitation access'.
The National Sample Survey Organisation survey conducted in 2002 found that in 84% of the notified slums the main water source is through tap water supply. But these numbers mask differences across the states of India. In Bihar none of the slums get water via the tap.
In Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh less than 35% of slums get tap water. Nearly 44% of non-notified slums do not have a drainage system of any type whereas only 15% of notified slums do not have a drainage system.
A similar picture emerges in the case of latrines. Nearly half...

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