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Social Essay

  • Submitted by: kskr1004
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gender role observation
Long times ago women stay home, care children and do house work. Also, from the past and until now, women almost always have had lower status than men through entire world. People could behave depending on gender role from tradition. Men are expected to be strong, active, sovereign, and protective. Otherwise women are told to be passive, humble, affable, and obedient. Traditional gender duties vary. Men have had the responsibility for protecting, while women have had responsibility for others that include nurturing, and mothering.   I went to the Costco for observing the gender role at grocery store. Also I observe people at the Centennial Park in the Howard County.
While I observe people, I found shopping people come with their family. My observation day was Saturday, so they may come together and some people come alone. Almost all men or boys push their carts. Just a few women or girls push carts.   This is good context for examining gender; because this is distinguish physical differences between male and female. The physical differences were traditional norm of gender role. It can be comparable between present and past. Otherwise, it has another good context that children might have simple gender role learning through grocery shopping, unconsciously. In addition, the most women have small paper and select products. Men didn’t buy many products. They only bought or advised at the automobile parts or electronic products section. It can be differences of sense or interesting parts of gender.
We can find word ‘Househusband’ easily on the internet website and can see news articles about the house-husband or house-dad as well. Even though current society has changed and gender roles are no longer distinguished. However, people are doing gender role unconsciously or as a norm. I found almost all unchanged gender role through this observation. The females are still doing housewives role. Some women are doing this with their jobs, and others...

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