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Social Essay

  • Submitted by: lilkb101
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Anderson 1
Sierra Anderson
Professor Cooper
English 101.003
30 April 2012

Convicted George Zimmerman!
      There are several reasons which should be considered to arrest for George Zimmerman. He exhibited racist behavior. There are laws to abide in the state of Florida, some laws are outdated or certain laws need to be more specific or revise, when applying to a certain situation. In this case” the standard ground law did not apply to the circumstances which surrounded Travon Martin death. The law failed to protect Travon Martin rights as a citizen. This was a case of shoot now, ask questions later. So, there you have racism, failed to obey the law, and excessive force without reasons. George Zimmerman should be convicted because he failed to obey police orders, and used excessive force with a hand gun.
      First, George Zimmerman failed to obey police orders. For example, when he was told not to follow the suspect, he ignored the order of command. This resulted in the death of Travon Martin. According to Dan Barry, Zimmerman should have been arrested instantly, but because his father is part of the justice system, Zimmerman remained free.(Barry 3) The justice system is a double system for blacks and whites in the United States. There is no true democracy being served in this case.
    Secondly, Zimmerman used excessive force to attack Travon Martin, Even though, Zimmerman though his life was in jeopardy why did it used a nine millimeter gun, not knowing
whether Travon had a weapon or not. Zimmermann made his own decisions to attack Travon Martin.
    Thirdly, Zimmerman exhibited racist behavior by making statements about Travon race, using obscene words. For example, Zimmerman stated that Travon acted like a “nigger”” or looked weird. This was based on Travon perception, and his ideas. Because this individual had a hoodie on his head, Zimmerman assumed Travon Martin was a criminal, looking for trouble. Travon had no chance of...

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