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Social Catch Essay

  • Submitted by: kcenafontic
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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ak says scholar Pavel Arsenyev, Fasebook not only facilitates communication between people, but also to satisfy the passions are suppressed as exhibitionism and voyeurism. Speaking about the new movie directed by David Fincher, the author explores the inner totalitarian underlying social network project.

We all know the term, as product placement: in the movie as if accidentally get some, "carefully selected" products and trademarks, and the characters happily indulge their consumption - is that not so openly, as is the case with their counterparts in promotional videos.

Moral justification for mixing art and presentation is usually to appeal to the "essence of reality itself." It's like a realistic movie about the present can not be done without removing the commodity world around us.

In connection with the film by David Fincher "The Social Network" is a clear idea of ​​the insidious nature of this full-length promo video for some reason, no one comes to mind - apparently, advertising has become so commonplace in our lives that we do not pay her any attention. But after an unnamed advertising is only effective, approaching the status of the "objective" narrative or "disinterested contemplation."

The significance of such signs of the times, as a social network, however, is so exalted that is not enough to indicate its relentless existence in the present - requires something more monumental. Hymn dedicated Fincher network Facebook, would look as obscene, as if the film was made, dedicated to the triumphal march of Microsoft on the planet. But something that allows him to avoid this fate. And this is something - social expectations, which are invested in the phenomenon of social networking. Social demand for an alternative, not commodity-money economy is indeed very high, free-markets, the demand of wholesale social benefits in exchange for spontaneous creativity network of so-called «general intellect». As it is written in the resource,...

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