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Social Issuess Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The ecosystem can be explained as the physical components of the world or nature. These include; trees, rivers, landscape, animals and many more. Our ecosystem is also made up of the environment. The environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal and plant lives or operate. Environment can sometimes be used to refer to something one is familiar with. Everything that make up our surroundings and affect our ability to live on earth; the air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth surface, the plant and animals around us and much more. In this setting or condition, particular activities take place. People who seek the welfare of the environment can be described as environmentalists and believe in the school of thought known as Environmentalism. Environmentalism is a movement which seeks to protect the quality and continuity of life through conservation of natural resources, prevention of pollution or degradation and control of land use. Environmental degradation has become one of the most prominent adverse phenomena. Land pollution, Air pollution and Water pollution are forms of environmental degradation The scope of environmental problems has grown substantially in the past decade and will continue to expand and diversify more in the future if care is not taken; no generation has ever faced a more daunting agenda. The world today confronts a multitude of environmental problems, more than ever before, over a wider range of spatial and temporal scales, and requiring various skills for proper control. Within this context, the Middle East, North and West Africa regions are no exception in suffering from serious environmental problems and natural resource degradation. Environmental pollution is evident throughout the region which is exhibiting various types of degradation whether water (coastal and inland surface, and ground), soil, and air (indoor and outdoor). In fact, humans are utilizing all of the world's major renewable natural...

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