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Social Processess And Crime Essay

  • Submitted by: KatevasB40
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Katena J. Brooks
JUS- 110 Crime and Criminology
February 12, 2012
Greg Koehle

                                                Social Processes and Crime
      The differential association theory opens the door to help us understand why and how an individual can go on to a life of committing crimes; the theory shows the correlation between crime and learning processes that does not discriminate, in other words, regardless of where you are from, your family background, living arrangements, etc. anyone is prone to commit a crime for various reasoning’s from; peer influence, family influence, etc. In high school there were multiple cliques that I know for a fact that I just had to be a part of, some of the behavior displayed was not that of what my parents would have approved of, and for one person I became friends with in particular, it was just the beginning of her downward spiral. In this paper I will discuss the actions of the cliques formed, and their influence into the life of my friend Kelly. I will also show a direct link between the behavior and differential association theory.
      During my sophomore year in high school I experienced being the target of much bullying and witnessed others being targeted as well, it was a horrible time, and two of the members I went to elementary, middle, and junior high school with, we developed a friendship early but, that friendship did not carry over into high school. I would watch the members of this clique sit at their self –designated lunch table, they appeared to have so much fun and it was clear that everyone looked up to them and in some ways was envious. Two members of the group; Lilly and Erica were the ‘Leaders’, They were the head cheerleader’s, and they had no problem with finding someone to do their dirty work for them; purposely picking on certain students that would be considered nerds, geeks, laid back and quiet, pretty much someone like myself. It was clear to me that the clique had major...

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