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Social Research Essay

  • Submitted by: barbiegirl32
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In this presentation I will discuss what effects the media might have on a person’s body image

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Body image is how a person feels about the way he or she looks. It is not based on fact, but rather is learned from the surrounding environment that surrounds us. Body image can change as children grow and become influenced by different biological, psychological, and social factors.
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Television and movies
  * Shows the types of bodies that are acceptable and those that are not
  * They contain Articles that tell you how to lose weight fats or look years younger, imply that you should look a certain way
Advertisements and commercials
  * Attracts attention to their products by using thin woman and muscular men
  * Images are edited to show unrealistic bodies.

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The media perpetuates a consistent value system that image is everything.
Many media outlets such as magazines portray many false images.
The media fosters images that are wraped with make up, are airbrushed, and are digitally enhanced with photoshop.
This perfect image influenses many people into aspiring to match the medias images and attain perfection themselves.

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Ideal Female Bodies
Media teach young people that the ideal female should have a big chest, small waist, lean hips, no blemishes, no stretch marks, and no wrinkles. Young women are taught that if they do not meet this ideal, they should exercise, diet, get cosmetic surgery, or buy expensive makeup and creams to achieve it. Yet the reason supermodels are so famous is precisely because they are not typical; though they may work to keep their bodies healthy, their proportions are often unable to be imitated naturally. Young women, whose bodies are often going through growth spurts, can damage their bodies by eating too little, exercising too much, or undergoing surgery in response to the quest for "unachievable perfection."
Ideal Male Bodies 
Media also...

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