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Social Studies Essay

  • Submitted by: riellemonroe
  • on September 19, 2012
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Throughout American history technological developments have developments have shaped American economy and American society.   Though the progress of technology has proven to be beneficial to the economy, the social effects of such technological innovation like the Cotton Gin and the Assembly Line have shown the American willingness to accept a dehumanized working class in return for financial benefits.    
          The Cotton Gin, invented by Eli Whitney proved to be an economic gold mine for the Southern region of America.   The South was incredibly reliant on cotton; their precious crop deemed “King Cotton” during Civil War years.   With the invention of Cotton Gin, it was easier to separate the cotton seeds from the rest of the fiber, making the whole process more efficient.   Therefore, the cotton trade boomed in response to this invention.   Raw cotton became the nation’s number one export throughout the early 19th century, supplying both Northern and English factories.   The profitable Lowell Mills in Massachusetts were just one example of the positive effect of the Cotton Gin.  
          However, also in response to the booming economy was the boom in slave trade. Thousands and thousands of slaves were bought and sold as property for plantations.   The slave families were often separated from one another and lived a life of complete servitude.   After the slave trade was banned, slave women were forced to supply children to work the cotton fields and fill the need for a larger work force. On large plantations overseers were allowed to use brutal force to keep slaves working dawn to dusk in horrible conditions. Because of the lack of mobility in the Southern social classes, most African Americans spent their lives as the property of white plantation owners.   Therefore, though the Cotton Gin had its economic pluses, it helped solidify the institution of slavery and thus promoted the enslavement of African Americans. This enslavement eventually led to the decision...

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