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Sociological Imagination Essay

  • Submitted by: anthony369
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sociological Imagination

                    Sociological imagination engages you in on going analysis and evaluation of the world around you, It is the ability to look beyond one’s everyday life as a cause for daily success and improvement. It is also the ability to see our private experiences and personal difficulties as entwined with the structural arrangements of our society and the times in which we live.   The societies where sociological imagination is present are nations where with the most freedoms and with the most advance development. While societies without sociological imagination are those who are having problems with poverty, social injustice, etc. So for me, Sociological imagination is a process of understanding and analysing the social problems and changing it for the benefit of a country. The societies that have lacked sociological imagination have experienced lagging behind what we think of as modern cultures. Industrialization, freedom, and equality are all things that the individuals in these societies lack or are just beginning to obtain. Those societies that have enough sociological imagination like in The United States of America, they are experiencing equal men and women rights, no slavery, and religious freedom. This is because they are embracing the sociological imagination and they have found the root of their problems. Sociological imagination is very important to the countries that are having problems when it comes to governing their own nation. People with sociological imagination will have the ability to understand their problems as an individual and the problem of the whole nation and will now make a move for a change. The essay of C. Wright Mills is very important to us Filipinos because we are experiencing poverty in our country. I can say that our country already has freedom, but when it comes to our corrupt government, we are being tortured by it. A corrupt official will spend part of the “pondo”   for their wants well in fact...

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