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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: allyminzy
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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[Assess] the view that sociology [can] and [should] model itself on the [natural sciences] (33 marks)

To a certain extent some sociologists may argue that sociology should be a science because of the strengths of value freedom and objectivity that is linked to scientific study that is apparent when a sociologist studies with a Positivist approach. Positivists would argue that their approach to sociology does and should model itself on a science as this allows the researcher to gain reliable and representative results that determine cause and effect methods and can be compared and contrasted. This desire for the researcher to conduct the research scientifically stems from the Positivist idea that the only way to gain true specific knowledge is to remove values from ones research, so that there is no effect to the actual research from the researchers beliefs, opinions and prejudices . However Interpretivists would argue that the Positivist approach to sociology is not a strong one as it does not allow the researcher to gain an in-depth understanding of the truth. They highlight the idea that sociology should not follow a scientific approach as this would consequently hinder the understanding, with relation to Verstehen and validity in the research and the exclusion of ‘all’ values, which would mean that the research they have collected cannot determine any real conclusions about how society actually operates. They also state that it would be impossible for a sociologist to treat and research aspects in sociology like a science as this would mean the work would have to be value free, something which they see to be impossible with sociology as the researcher will always be influenced by values, in the same way that his subjects will be influenced by their own values too, which has a unavoidable effect on the research being conducted. 

In further depth, Positivists would argue that sociology and science should be interlinked and that Sociology should follow...

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