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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: marycoleman
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Intensive   probation   supervision ,   restitution,   and   electronic   monitory   is   just a few   of the   thing   that   probation   officers   has to   worry   about.   Probation   was   originally   conceived   as a   way   to   provide   a   second   chance   for   young   offender   who   committed   nonsevious   crimes,   but   today   it   a   mean   of   reducing   the   population   overload   in   an   overcrowded   and     underfunded   correctional   system.   When   granting   probation,   the   court   sets   down   certain   condition   or   roles   of   behavior   that   the   probationer   have   to   go   by.   And   the most     restrictive ones   must   be   approved   by a judge     and a probation   officer.   Each   and   every   one   of   these   method   will   work;   if     you   want     to   be   free   and   not   in   prison,   but   a   probation   officer   has   a   lot   on   their     hand   trying   to   fine   the   right   program   for   each   officer,   Probation   officer   will   sometime   give   electronic   monitoring   if   they   feel   you   are   not   a   high   rise   offender   and   your   crime   is   not   that   bad,   and   it   mostly   apply   to   people   that   has   done   time   and   have   a   little   more   paper   time.   They   will   also   choice   house   arrest   if   the   crime   is   not   that   bad,   they     have   start   putting   DUI   driver   on   house   arrest   and   this   I   don’t   agree   with   because   at   home   with   his   or   her   family   while   drunk   will   cause   all   kind   of   problem   for the   family,   you   are   basely   give   them   what   they   want,   to   stay   home   getting   drunk   cause   all   kind   of   problem   to   the   family ,   unless   you   check   it   out   and   make   sure   there   no   family   in the   house,   and   restitution     is   mandatory   for   all   offender ,   because   it   is   away   to   pay   the   victim   back   and   the   state   also,   I   feel   the   restitution   is   ok   if   the   victim   get   all   of   the   money.
Intensive   probation   supervision   is   also   referred   to   as...

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