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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: muthinigreen
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Assignment 2: Which Method is Best?

      Survey Method

      This is an appropriate method of studying UE students’ attitudes about legalization of marijuana use. This approach would involve EU students engaged into a one-on-one interview in response to the dependent variable question. The percentage of the students’ response dichotomized into legalization or illegalization would determine their attitudes about marijuana among the students. Independent variables that include age, region, sex, political view, legal system and political affiliation would also contribute towards the response made. This method is quite efficient in reference to the resources and time spent on the research. It involves gathering information from a large number of students within a given period of time, whose response would definitely indicate the attitudes of the students about marijuana. However, this method is quite limited to the depth of attitudes as it is only limited to the dichotomized categories of response: legal or illegal.

In-depth interviews

      This method of research entails the confrontation of individual students and questioning them on their perception regarding legalization of marijuana use. Interviewed students would have an opportunity to support their views, due to the absence of the dependent variable limited to dichotomized responses. This is an approach of research that calls for detailed information as to why one would approve or disapprove legalization of marijuana. There is also an opportunity to site examples that reference an individual’s attitude towards the agenda. Supported responses give the interviewers detailed and steadfast stance about the students’ attitude. However, this method is costly in terms of resources and time spent, as the interviewer needs to meet individual students at a time. In addition, the individual student may take a personal approach of responding to the interview, failing to recognize...

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