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Sociology Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Social Deviance and Social Control
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Social Deviance and Social Control
      An assault is a threat or a deliberate attempt to inflict bodily harm or offensive physical contact on a person hence putting the person in apprehension or danger of such contact or harm. It is both a tort and a crime, and consequently it may either lead to civil or criminal liability. It is a social deviance as it goes against the norms of the society; also, it involves actions of threat and violence either by show of force or sometimes causing another person to apprehend immediately. An assault may include either of the following cases: when one inflicts serious bodily injury onto another person using a lethal weapon or when a person imposes onto another person grievous bodily harm such as kidnapping or raping among many other terrible inflictions, and when a person has sexual intercourse or any other related sexual harassment with an under aged person (Falkner, 2012).
      Virtually, the act of assault is overt. It majorly entails a threat combined with a fist raised and sufficient to cause a reasonable apprehension intended to harm the individual. Intent is an indispensable characteristic of assault. The intent to cause apprehension of harm is justifiable if it is substantially certain, to a sane person that such an act would lead to the same. This implies that there must be a reasonable fear of harm or injury. Therefore, there can be no assault if there is no true apprehension of harm in the victim. In the society, an assault is regarded as a general misconduct and deviation from the moral social set-up. Most societies regard assault with strict condemnation, particularly Islam community gives no room for such rogue persons in its livelihood (Gibbs, 1981). Moreover, in countries such as the U.S. and others that uphold Christianity and other religions, the aspects of good moral conducts reflect...

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