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Sociology Case Study

  • Submitted by: spiceboy74
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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When looking at the impact of the family upon child A from a functionalist perspective where all the parts of the machine/body need to work for it to run smoothly then it is blatantly clear that there are many parts of this particular family have not been working the way they should.

Firstly if you start with the absence of any father then this leaves child A without one of the primary care givers and the role that he would’ve filled. This rejection from the father has caused a massive blow to child A’s self-esteem and has left feelings of low self worth, anger and confusion. The absence of the father also meant there was no positive male role model for child A and this may be at the route of child A approaching strange men and making sexual comments. This child also shows a desperate need to be loved by any boy and has admitted to being willing to sleep with any boy if it meant he would be her boyfriend.

If we look at role of the mother in this family then this is where I feel the crux of many have child A’s problems have stemmed from. As child A’s primary carer, the mother was unable to set clear boundaries for her daughter and her own behaviour left a lot to be desired. Societies norms and values with regards to manners and appropriate behaviour and language were not upheld (as discussed in part 1) thus making the mother an extremely poor role model and corrupting the primary socialisation of her daughter.
Child A’s mother has learning difficulties of her own and was clearly incapable of being able to raise a child on her own.

This leads me to the grandmother who fills a matriarchal role within the family. Due to her domineering presence this meant that any chance that child A’s mother had of being able to fulfil her role as the primary carer was undermined and must have caused great stress and tension within the family unit. This is picked up on by the child who will often display negative...

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