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Sociology Info Essay

  • Submitted by: amanda26
  • on September 19, 2012
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Amanda Meara
Writing Assignment 1
September 21, 2011
SOC 101

Sociological Imagination

The American sociologist, C. Wright Mills, was the one who came up with the idea of sociological imagination. In 1959 he wrote about the sociological perspective in his book, “The Sociological Imagination.” He defines the sociological imagination as “the ability to see the societal patterns that influence the individual as well as groups of individuals (Mills 5).” But, there is more than one way to describe the sociological imagination. For example, Wikipedia defines sociological imagination as “the capacity to see things, how people interact, and how people can influence each other (Wikipedia.com).” “Some problems that are examined with the sociological imagination are unemployment, aids, rape, murder, and poverty (Dr. Lundy).”
One of the most popular problems related to the sociological imagination is poverty. “Poverty is defined as someone who lacks an amount of material possessions or money (Wikipedia.com).”   People that are affected by poverty usually have little to no materials/money and either have a small house or have no home at all. One question to ask is how does poverty affect people socially? People that are affected by poverty are sometimes looked down at. They are sometimes mistreated by others who think that they are better than them. People might talk down to or make fun of people that are poor. They might get called names such as “trashy” or “low-rent.”
What some people don’t notice is that everyday people are not the only ones affected by poverty; big businesses are also affected by poverty. Some big businesses are affected by poverty, but they try to keep it a secret so that they are not judged like some people. For example, a food market might be struggling with payments and making money. The food market then raises the prices to help gain more money to pay their bills and their employees. But people would almost never judge or confront a big...

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