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Socius Essay

  • Submitted by: pinkyrai
  • on September 21, 2012
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Definition of Sociology:
“Sociology” which had once been treated as social philosophy, or the philosophy of history, emerged as an independent social science in the 19th century. Auguste Comte a Frenchmen, is traditionally considered to be the father of Sociology.
  “Sociology “ is composed of two words: Socius, meaning companionship or friendship and logos means study of science.
According to
  1. Kingsley Davis, “ Sociology is the general science of society”
  2. Emile Durkheim   defines sociology as the “science of social institution”
  3. Park regards sociology as the “science of collective behavior”
  4. Small defines sociology as “ the science of social relations”
  Above all the definitions given by different sociologist, the definition given by Morris Ginsberg seems to be more satisfactory and comprehensive which states that:
  Sociology is the study of human interactions and inter-relations, their conditions and consequences”

    Sociology, as a branch of knowledge, has its own unique characteristics.
    1. Sociology is an independent science: Sociology is not treated and studied as a branch of any other science like philosophy or political philosophy, or history. As an independent sciences it has its own field of study, boundary and method.
    2. Sociology is a Social Science and not a Physical Science: Sociology belongs to the family of social sciences it concentrate sits attention on man, his social behavior, social activities and social life. As a member of the family of social science sit is intimately related to other social sciences like history, political sciences, economics, psychology, anthropology etc.
    3. Sociology is Relatively an Abstract Science and a not a concrete science: This does not mean that sociology is an art and not a science. Nor does it mean, it is unnecessarily complicated and unduly difficult. It only means that sociology is not interested in concrete manifestations of human...

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