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Socoiological Explanation For Schizophrenia Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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One of the explanations for schizophrenia is the sociocultural theory. Part of this explanation is called the ‘labelling theory’ and was argued by Szasz. This argues that schizophrenia is actually not a scientific explanation but a myth created by our society to control those people that are different to the norm. Therefore, when they have this label, their behaviour becomes exaggerated to fit the stereotypical views of schizophrenia. This then goes in a circle, as the people around start to treat the person differently because they have been labelled, causing the person to live up to their label even more. Later on, a psychologist called Scheff said that schizophrenia may be largely a social role that, once assigned by diagnosis, is conformed to and becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. for example, if a child acts in an odd way, parents and children will label the child as odd and treat it differently, so then the child lives up to it and the odd behaviour becomes more extreme so it is labelled schizophrenia. This theory rejects any existence of medical conditions so all the blame is placed on society or the family.  
Rosenhan investigated the reliability of diagnosing mental illnesses. There were 12 sudo patients that called 12 different hospitals pretending to have the symptoms of schizophrenia and 7 out of 12 emitted the ‘patient’ for schizophrenia, and 1 for bipolar. The method involved the patients acting completely normal in the hospitals but the nurses looked for signs, therefore thought they could see symptoms. The sudo patients were given medication but they didn’t actually take it. One patient had to stay emitted for 52 days. Rosenhan came to the conclusion that diagnosis is not reliable and cannot be trusted as it is not accurate. 35 out of 118 real patients thought that the sudo patients were lying. There were also follow up studies done that support Rosenhans conclusion. However, there are limitations with the study. Firstly, it lacks temporal...

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