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Software Piracy Essay

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Throughout history theft has been a crime that has been widely abundant. Although no type of theft has become so rampant, and caused as much harm to an industry as computer software piracy. Software piracy is quickly becoming one of the largest crimes committed in the world. Due to a lack of awareness of the law, offenders are continuing to download programs illegally; consequently, piracy is leading to a major decline in the computer software industry. Software piracy is an ever growing problem that continues to leave its mark on the computer software industry and the economy.
Software is the most pirated object in the world today, and the rate at which this crime is being performed is astonishing experts. In two separate piracy studies "An estimated world-wide piracy rate of 35%" "was reported by the second annual Business Software Alliance (BSA) and International Data Corporation (IDC)" (Ruhl "Software piracy-how it hurts our hobby"). Pirated software isn't only being used for private use by the offenders, but they are being used in online scams as well. "According to an SIIA press release, 91% of the software auctioned off on sites like eBay" (Ruhl "Software piracy-how it hurts our hobby.") are illegitimate copies of the original software. The amount of felony copyright infringement offenders are leading to higher fines, and longer jail sentences. Some of these fines are reaching an excess of 10,000 dollars, and a minimum of 5 years in prison.
The number one reason offenders continue to download programs illegally is because of a lack of awareness. First time offenders are not aware of the large penalties, and jail sentences that can be a result of the felony. The majority of offenders believe piracy is a "victimless crime", but this idea is false due to the impact piracy has on the computer software industry and economy. Nearly all of the Software companies today are using new methods to track down illegal software, and software pirates. These new methods...

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