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Solve a Problem Essay

  • Submitted by: caroncity
  • on October 18, 2013
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Solve a Problem
Creating a plan to solve a problem is easier said than done. Like with any problems there are many variables that must be taken into account. I have a fifteen year old son who is overall a very good boy. He is close to a straight A’s student and is involved with many different sports which keep him out of any real trouble. He believes this gives him a pass in other areas such as treating his father and me with the proper respect along with helping us out around the house. He also thinks because he is overall responsible he should be allowed to go anywhere and anytime with very little boundary’s. In this area he causes the most friction in our house hold.
Creative Process

This problem is going to take more than just one approach so it is critical that one understand the different stages of thinking in order to solve a problem. The first stage is finding the challenges which are most often the easiest and in this case asking how one manages a teenage boy. There is a dynamic piece to thinking that is necessary in the process so that one keeps all avenues open with different trains of thought. There is a daring side to the process that must be considered so that there are no preconceived ideas and there’s a willingness to try different alternatives to the status quo. Another train of thought is being resourceful. One must identify all things at their disposal in order to solve the problem. This outlines the second stage of expression which will create the most helpful ideas to solve the problem. We need to explore different idea in order to truly solve the problem with my son. The may point is different expressions opens different avenues of thought. The third stage one must truly understand the problem at hand by investigating the problem itself. Solving problems takes hard work and coming up with ideas will always be challenging as there is no telling what will work and what will not work to solve any problem. If one idea fails or causes a bigger...

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