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Song Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: visibleotter
  • on September 19, 2012
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Craig McDonagh
NQ Rock & Pop

In this essay I will detail the basic components that constitute a song and the way in which these components are combined in different ways to create different styles and genres of music. I will give two examples of different artists and how their sounds differ within their own repertoires and with each other.

Components of a Song:

Rhythm - The rhythm section of a song is the part that controls the tempo, timing and duration of a song. It’s essentially an arrangement of sounds and silences, with certain sounds more pronounced than others. Generally it is very patterned and sits behind more melodic instruments, such as a lead guitar, in the mix of a song and acts as a foundation. It tends to be lower in pitch that the harmony or melody sections of a song and in most modern music drums and bass guitars tend to control the rhythm of a song.

Harmony - Harmony could be loosely defined as the main chord progression in a song, the chords on which the melody is usually based upon. In most modern rock music it is played by a rhythm guitar. It is usually, however not always, mid-pitched in the song. Harmony tends to be created by strumming or simultaneously playing two or more notes, however it can also be strongly implied by arpeggiating a series of notes.

Melody - A melody is a series of notes played to create a tune sometimes in polyphony although generally over a harmony and rhythm section. The notes should be selected to harmonise with or at least compliment the harmony section of a song.   A melody can be created using any instrument that can create multiple notes. String and woodwind instruments tend to be particularly effective at creating lead melodies. Melody in a song tends to be the highest pitch and loudest element, particularly vocal Melodies.

Structure - The structure of a song is the way in which elements such as Verse, Chorus, Pre-chorus, Bridge and Middle 8, can be arranged to form a...

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