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Soul Sisters Essay

  • Submitted by: Kenziewalker68
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: English
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In seventh grade, I was pretty popular and my english teacher knew that I was friendly, so she sat the new girl next to me. We instantly clicked. We had so much in common that within the first two weeks, we had to move seats because we talked too much. Little did I know that over four years later we would be best friends and still not allowed to sit by each other. After about two months of chatting in class, I invited her to come sledding with a huge group of my family friends. This wasn’t ordinary sledding in the plastic top of a garbage can down a dinky, little hill, we were on wooden sleds intended for one person, and the hill was steep, long and twisty.
It was dumping snow. I was terrified. I only went down the hill with my dad the first two times because I was so scared. Finally, I agreed to go with Sarah instead of my dad, and we both hopped onto the one person sled like rabbits. She was on the bottom steering the sled and I was scared out of my mind on top of her. I barely knew this girl, and there I was, trusting her to get me down this treacherous hill safely. I wasn’t even sure she knew how to steer a sled. We got halfway down the hill and came to the first major hairpin turn. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I got the opposite. The next thing I knew, I was belly up in a snowbank on the side of the road, on top of my soon to be best friend, Sarah Lupfer. I managed to stand up, brush off the snow, and help her up. We laughed so hard, we almost peed our pants. After we calmed down, Sarah managed to get us down to the bottom without crashing again. Out of the ten people at the bottom of the hill, zero understood why we were laughing so hard at such an insignificant event. Those ten people were unaware that this event would be the turning point in our friendship, from friends to best friends.
Looking back on this event from four years ago still makes me laugh. No one else besides Sarah and I think it is funny. The change from friends to best friends...

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