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Space Serendipity Essay

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Serendipity is an unexpected benefit, finding something you weren’t looking for and this is generally the case when determining the benefits of space exploration. Although we don’t explore the heavens for the reasons of finding ways to save our own planet this is how we have discovered the dangers of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) to our ozone and new and creative ways to combat the effects of excessive carbon dioxide on our planet. New technologies as a result of microgravity experimentation and a further understanding of gravity through the research of black holes are other serendipitous outcomes stemming from space exploration.
CFC’s were first found to destroy the ozone (a layer of the atmosphere that protects life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays) by NASA scientists researching the chemistry of Venus’s atmosphere. Since the 1930’s CFC’s have been manufactured as Freon and used as a refrigerants in cooling mechanisms and as propellants in canned commodities. However, in light of NASA’s discovery, in 1985 the Vienna Convention was established to monitor scientific assessment activities and by 1999 all participating nations agreed to end the use of CFC’s. Furthermore, recovery and recycling equipment has been developed for collecting and ridding those CFC’s still in use. CFC use peaked in the early 1980’s but since the discovery of its destructive properties on the ozone and thanks to reduction efforts, NASA estimates the ozone layer will return to pre-1980 levels by 2049. These reduction efforts are extremely important to our well-being, the United Nations Environment Program claims a 1% reduction in the ozone leads to an increase of up to 3% in some forms of non-melanoma skin cancer, a cancer that only accounts for 4% of skin cancers but 79% of skin cancer deaths. Because of the magnitude of CFC’s effect of the ozone the world’s attention has been brought to other ozone depleting chemicals such as methyl bromide, a pesticide now banned in 183 countries....

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