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Spanish Conquest Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Study On The Spanish Conquest History Essay
During the 1500-1700 the direction of global history changes dramatically due to Western Europe. Merchants and other colonial powers connected the continents in ways never before realized making this the dawn of a new period of global interchange. The Americas were transformed culturally and demographically due to the influences Europeans. The Aztecs on the other hand conquered and ruled over Central Mexico and their culture was rich and they had a wealthy living. The Spanish and Aztecs had different viewpoints from each other. They had religious differences, technological and of the conquest.
When the Europeans arrived, they were honored as guests by the Mexicas. Upon the arrival, Spaniards were astonished by the advancement of their cities. “Gazing on such wonderful sights…there were great cities, and in the lake ever so many more, and the lake itself was crowded with canoes, and in the causeway were many bridges and intervals, and in front of stood the great City of Mexico.” (Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 133). The natives were also startled by the Spaniards. “Their war gear was all in iron… And they wrapped their bodies all over; only their faces could be seen, very white. Their faces were the color of limestone and their hair yellow-reddish.” (Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 97) The natives offered them gold, gifts, food, and even women. The Mexicas viewed them as greedy. The Mexicas offered them gold and this made them hungry for more. This conquest itself had a positive effect. The Spaniards and the Aztecs were able to trade with each other. They exchanged goods such as crops, religion, ideas, domesticated animals, and even diseases. The Europeans viewed the Mexicas as barbaric; the Mexicas disfigured their faces and pierced their entire body with ornaments. Disease was one major factor that influenced the fall of the Mexica Empire. The Spaniards spread smallpox, which wiped out, half...

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