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Spanking Essay

  • Submitted by: sandrarua
  • on February 19, 2012
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March 7, 2011
Spanking a Good Way to Teach and Discipline if Used in the Right Way
Have you ever wondered how many people incarcerated today are there because the came from an abusive childhood?   Have you ever thought about what how one’s life would be different if their parents would have taken the time to use effective discipline or just simply taken the time to explain to their kids what they are doing or did is wrong and therefore must be punished?   It has been argued that spanking should be done away with.   Some like myself believe when used properly and the parent has explained to the child; what he/she did was wrong spanking could be a very effective tool in not only raising your kids but disciplining them as well.

1. If used the right way, spanking can teach a child the difference between right and wrong.
2. Spanking children at an early age can lead one to being disciplined and well behaved in the world.
3. After being spanked for doing wrong one will often think about what they did wrong and make better choices in the future.
Although not used as much today as it was 10 to 20 years ago, spanking is still one of the most effective ways to discipline your child.   If used the right way, spanking can teach a child the difference between right and wrong. A technique that is used commonly for some parents is the 3 strikes system. This is simply a method where the parent gives their child 2 good warnings before the last strike results in a spanking.   The first warning is usually a simple warning coming from word-of-mouth.   The second warning is usually a little louder with more meaning involved and can include a short time-out.   The third strike is the strike that usually lands you the spanking. If a child is told why their being punished before being spanked, then they will full understand that what they did was wrong and will not be tolerated by you the parent.   Spanking can be a really good tool when all other forms of discipline fail....

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