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Spanking Essay

  • Submitted by: theresa95
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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There are many different ways to discipline children. Physical discipline is not the best option. Spanking children is ineffective because it teaches violence, leads to abuse, and there are better forms of discipline. A person should never have to resort to spanking their children.
Spanking, without a doubt teaches violence. It demonstrates that it’s okay for a people to hit one another. One day Sally Bender was observing her four year old daughter and two year old son play together. While playing her son broke one of her daughter’s crayons. As a result, Sally’s four year old spanked him. When Sally asked her daughter why she had done that she said “I’m just playing mommy.” A child whose behavior is controlled by spanking is more likely to continue that behavior with others.
Spanking children can eventually lead to abuse. Once a person begins to punish their child “a little bit”, where do they stop? For instance, Sean Miller always spanked his children. At first it was just a slap on the hand, or he spanked them on the butt. Once the spanking became ineffective he escalated to whipping them with belts, wooden spoons, or shoes. One time he went too far when his children would not stop playing by the hot stove. To punish them for being insubordinate he took each one of their hands and set it on the hot stove. His punishments escalated tremendously. The more a person hits a child, the easier and worse it will get.
Why spank children when there are better forms of discipline? Spanking children should never be the first resort when it comes to disciplining. For example, whenever Molly Smith disciplined her children, she never spanked them. Instead, she gave them a warning when they did something wrong. If her children did it again they would be put in timeout. The timeouts worked effectively and she never had to lay a finger on them.
Spanking children should never be an option. Spanking your kids is ineffective because it teaches violence, it leads to abuse, and...

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