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Sparta Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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“Brutal yet effective”. To what extent did the agoge prepare Spartan boys for life as a professional solider?

Spartan boys needed a lot of training to become “professional soldiers” from the ages of 7 to 30 they where trained to be Spartan soldiers to prepare them for the harsh conditions of war and the hardships of being a full-time soldier. Qualities such as: resourcefulness, physical strength and obedience where needed to become a successful Spartan soldier and these values where instilled through the Spartan Agoge (Education System) to prepare these boys for a life as a “professional soldier”.

Resourcefulness was taught through the encouragement of stealing, the ability to scavenge or find supplies would be high valued within war, getting supplies to survive was a one main priority during war and a great tool at a Spartan soldiers disposal. This was reiterated when the Spartan boy turned 11; he was sent to the mountains for a few days where he had to hunt for food, build or find his own shelter and generally survive the hostile condition and environments. This form of extreme training meant the Spartan boys would be prepared for the worst eventualities during wars giving that foresight and those skills needed to endure the worst. The advocacy of stealing mean the advocacy of taking from your fellow Spartan, money was of no value in Sparta meaning supplies such as food where own grown, this took away for the felling of comradery amongst the men, thought the helots grew their crops still they all belonged to the Spartan family who owned the land, this would not be a valuable trait to carry in battle field as though the men needed to survive it didn’t mean at the cost of one of there own men, but they may have been just another way to wheedle out the unworthy and weak amongst the boys. Punishment was also a way of forcefully installing these values: thought stealing was encouraged, being caught was punished greatly, and the boys would be whipped and beaten...

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