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Spc Essay

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Carbon credits

Submitted by - Group   5

Names of members:   # 18. Freny Fernandes
                                            # 28. Ayushi Jain
                                            # 34. Asim Kazi
                                            # 55. Yashila Singh
                                            # 58. Skand Tripathi

  Title                                                                 Pages
  1. Introduction                                             3
  2. What are carbon credits?                   4
  3. Why do we need them?                       5-6
  4. The Kyoto protocol                               7-10
  5. Carbon Trading                                       11-13
  6. Carbon Credit Scam                               14
  7. Carbon Credit & India                           15-16
  8. Conclusion                                                 17
  9. Bibliography                                             18


In step with the dramatic rise in C02 emissions and
other pollutants in recent years, a variety of new financial markets have
emerged, offering businesses key incentives — aside from taxes and
other punitive measures — to slow down overall emissions growth and,
ideally, global warming itself. A key feature of these markets is emissions trading, or
cap-and-trade schemes, which allow companies to buy or sell "credits"
that collectively bind all participating companies to an overall emissions limit.

The concept of carbon credits came into existence as a result of increasing awareness of the need for pollution control.
Carbon credits were one of the outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement between 169 countries. The Kyoto Protocol created legally binding emission targets for developing nations. To meet these targets, nations must limit C02 emissions. It was enforced from Feb’05.
The very phase “Kyoto...

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