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Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: emmavangent
  • on October 7, 2012
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She’s your best friend. You watched her grow from a little girl who played with Barbie dolls, into a tomboy who carried frogs in her pockets. You watched her become a young woman, fussing with her hair and make up, trying on every outfit in her closet before the parties. You always wanted to be like her.  But then something went terribly wrong. Her shiny hair became dull and brittle. Her eyes lost their sparkle, and she didn’t smile that brilliant smile anymore. You watch her now, as she steps onto the scale seven times a day, wears baggy clothes to cover her shrivelled frame, and keeps muttering about losing those last two Kgs. 
Anorexia an emotional eating disorder characterise by an obsessive desire to loose weight by refusing to eat. Bulimia an eating disorder characterised by episodes of secretive excessive eating followed by inappropriate methods of white control such as salvages of vomiting most often the person has an intense fear of being fat and has a disported view of their body image even if they are already under weight. An New Zealand mental health survey in 2006 determined that 1.7% of New Zealand’s population suffer from a eating disorder which is approximately 68,000 New Zealand’s develop an eating disorder sometime in their life. Bulimia is twice as common as anorexia although anorexia has a much higher mortality rate than bulimia does.
One in 100 with anorexia who have resorted treatment die each year and up to 20% of people suffering with anorexia die over a 20 year period as a result of complications brought on by the illness most commonly with starvation, electric light formality’s and suicide. I have chosen to talk to you people about this topic because as I mentioned before I feel as though it is one topic that can not go unnoticed or be unmentionable especially in this society. I realise this is a sensitive topic but I feel as it needs to be addressed as it is one of the most relevant disorders to us as it affects our generation the most...

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