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Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: saffrey
  • on January 7, 2013
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Speech to present ideas to the Science Club

Hi fellow science mates,

  I hope all of us are aware that there is a lack of activities in our science club for the year, and there is a need to better the experience for all members in the science club, both the old and the new. This is so as to continuously attract more people to become a member of the Science Club. Therefore, as the President, for the coming year, I have a few ideas to propose. One of them will be the two activities which we will be having in corporation with the Science Centre. Another one will be the two activities which we can run together with the library to promote the reading of reading materials related to Science.

  One activity I have selected from the various activities in the Science Centre was the Kids Science Fest. For this activity, it comes in the form of entertainment and different interactive workshops and exhibits. In this activity, we can be dared to challenge conventions, which I personally find it very important, especially as members of the science club, for even though some ideas might have been scientifically proven right, but maybe, in decades or centuries later, another idea might come along the way which can challenge this current idea. Therefore, I hope through this activity, all of us can be unafraid in thinking out of the box and speaking our own minds even though we might have an opposing idea from conventions. Besides this, we will also learn about the stars which can be seen at different times of the year, the identification of planets and see a close up view of the planets’ unique surfaces. This is another reason why I chose this activity for most of us might not have learnt such knowledge, and I think as members of the science club, we need to have as much exposure to these outside knowledge as possible, and not just be limited to the knowledge in the textbooks.

  Regarding another activity I have selected was the Genefest. This learning activity comes...

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