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Speech Essay

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    Goodmorning class, my name is Gracie and today I will be presenting you with some information about how immigration separates   families. First I will show what happens to families who get separated. Next I will show where and how most family members end up living. Lastly I will show you what you can do to help this cause.
    Immigration is when a person is transported from one country to another. In the U.S. there are millions of people who are torn from their families and transported back to their country every day. This causes a lot of emotional and mental distress to these families because they have to witness their loved ones (s) leave. What happens to a family when the father is deported or when both parents are deported? What happens when the children are at school and the parents are detained? In some cases children are left without one parent or without both. These children end up in foster homes or are sometimes left in an orphanage.
    Ok I just told you what happens to families who get deported, now I will tell you how these family members end up living. As I said previously, the children in these situations most likely end up alone on the streets, in an orphanage, or in a foster home. Even if   the children have family members who are suitable for taking care of these children, but sometimes refuse to because of their social status. Other times the family members just can’t afford to feed and clothe extra people. In some cases these children often feel like no one wants them. They think that they are worthless and that there is no reason to succeed in life. The loved one who is being deported also suffers. They are mostly left without a place to live due to their conditions and end up living in the streets as well.   Most of the time they end up asking for help on the streets.
    These families need help with the issues that I just stated. There are many ways that you could help out. You can help these families by doing different...

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