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Speech Self Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: mls1996
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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When given this speech I wasn't very concerned with practicing. I knew Heather and I would be able to do an okay job without going over the speech to many times. We didn't have trouble going back in forth because we basically knew what would be the last line. This worked out okay, but as I watched the video I realized I paused a lot and sometimes repeated what I was saying. After seeing that I know I should of practiced a few more times.
Once again I'm seeing that I need to go over my speeches more. This is one of my weak points and since the last speech it hasn't improved much. I've fallen back into the habit of saying umm because I haven't memorized my speech. One thing I did improve using just an outline. It helped a lot with being able to make more eye contact. I was able to look at the audience more because I wasn't trying to read off my paper all the time.
There was a problem with having the outline though. Since I had so many papers I kept straightening them while Heather was talking. I knew I was doing it while I was giving the speech, but I didn't realize how often I did it until I watched the video. I also kept flipping my hair   while I was talking. When I was watching the video I never sit still. This is a problem because it's distracting instead of emphasizing what I was saying.
Like last time, I'm very hard on myself about how I do, but this time I really feel I didn't do even close to a good enough job. The only things I can mention   are good eye contact, and I had volume. There was clarity to the speech about what we were trying to share, but my problem areas took away from that clarity. I   can't say it's changed from the last speech but I know that in years before I used to be really quiet. Finally, I've started to improve on that and can talk loud enough.
Overall I feel I didn't do as well on this speech. I went a little slack and used a few slang words, which I didn't notice until seeing the video. The video made me realize a few more...

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