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Spirituality and the Brain Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 20, 2013
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“Lying Awake” by Mark Salzman does a fascinating job at representing the lives of cloistered nuns through a work of fiction. His story follows Sister John of the Cross, a nun who is shown to have these awe-inspiring visions of God that are accompanied by unparalleled feelings of spiritual peace and harmony. Throughout the novel, Salzman makes a point to humanize life in a Carmelite monastery by giving the reader a look into the subtleties and nuances that make cloistered life more relatable to the average person. In doing this, he also taps into the doubts that inevitably come with being a person of faith, and that they do not escape even people who devote their entire ways of life to their religion. As the novel progresses, Sister John begins to have migraines and feinting spells associated with her religious experiences. She is then pushed to go to a hospital where it is found out that she suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, caused be a tumor is the temporal lobe of her brain, that is the cause of the visions that she treasures so much. She was then faced with the decision of whether to get operated on or not. This created an obvious dilemma for the nun, in the sense that she had to question whether her visions meant what she thought they did. It also created an internal struggle where she had to face what she considered to a form of egotism, where she was unable to discern if she was using her ecstatic visions as a crutch for her spirituality. In the end, she decides to follow through with the surgery. The book ends fairly open-endedly by Sister John describing cloistered life as relatively bland and plain compared to what is was pre-operation, bringing the question of whether or not she will ultimately stay as a nun. However, it also optimistically hints that she will take the situation in stride and continue her life in the monastery as it was.
This novel articulates the undeniable link between our perceived reality and the physicality of the brain....

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