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Stalin and Essay

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RivalryforLeadership There was no clear answer to the question of who should succeed Lenin as dictator of the Soviet Union. Much more was involved than merely finding a capable politician. Though only one political party was allowed in Russia, within that party there were different groups who emphasized different items of policy. While Lenin lived, his enormous and unrivalled prestige had kept those differences within bounds, but no sooner was he removed than they showed themselves in the form of bitter feuds. In the main these corresponded to the different methods of achieving the Communist objective, and they centered around two men – Trotsky and Stalin. Trotsky was the best known of all Lenin's lieutenants. By birth he was a Jew, his real name being Lev Bronstein. Under the Czars his political views had compelled him to move from place to place outside Russia, including spells in Paris and New York, and twice he had suffered exile in Siberia. After the 1917 Revolution he was Commissar for War, and the Red Army's victories in 1919 and 1920 were due largely to his organization and planning. Believing that Communist Russia could never be safe in a Capitalist world, his policy was to spread Communism through worldwide revolution. Within Russia he would have been uncompromising in enforcing a full Communist program. He therefore did not agree with the N.E.P. and its concessions to the peasants. Stalin, though as uncompromising as Trotsky in his devotion to Communism, differed from him in his policy for achieving it. He believed that the first step must be to build a strong Communist Russia which should be sound economically and as nearly self-sufficing so possible, so as not to be dependent upon trade with Capitalist competitors. In the rivalry between the two men, it was Stalin's policy that accorded more nearly with the wishes of most of the Russian people and of the Communist leaders. Trotsky's aim of international Communism almost inevitably would have brought...

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