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Stamp Act Essay

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  • on January 8, 2013
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Stamp Act
      There are always at least two sides to every story, and this cliché holds true to opinions on the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was a tax passed by British Parliament in 1765. This tax required that colonists pay a tax on every piece of printed-paper used. The intention of the act was to earn money towards the debt caused by the French and Indian War. Depending on where someone lived, opinions on the act varied. Most colonists were against the tax due to the fact that they were not represented in court and the British argued that it was time that the colonists start pulling their own weight. Either side can be argued, however not all arguments are as sound as others. Document three poses an excellent argument on the Stamp Act and is stronger compared to the other accounts for many reasons.   A well supported argument regarding legislation always contain the following elements: the identification of a legal basis of the authority being exerted, the compelling government interest underlying the exercise of that authority, the description of the consequences of failing to exercise authority, and established limitations or boundaries on the exercise of that authority.
A legitimate reason must be present in order to make a strong argument. In Dulaney’s document he states that “The subordination of the colonies, aid the authority of Parliament to preserve it, have been fully acknowledged.”(Document 3).   Therefore, the colonists are well aware of their dependency for protection, and aid from England, as well as all other parties involved. Document one creates a laundry list of requests rather then establishing any legal reason for wanting the said changes to occur. Document two offers a rhetorical argument rather then providing a logical or legal one. Also, self-contradiction appears in document 2. Soame Jenyns states that it is not right to tax someone without their consent after previously stating that the Parliament is the one who makes decisions for the...

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