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Stanford Experiment Essay

  • Submitted by: sherri1973
  • on January 27, 2013
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The Stanford Experiment
Everest University
Mrs. Morrison
Sherri Jackson

This paper is about the Stanford Experiment.   It is a group of people that was offered money to take part in an experiment of how being prison would psychologically affect the group.   I will be discussing some of the parts of the movies on the effects of prison on individuals who are involved in prison life. I will also be discussing how behavior, attitude, and cogitation changed the group once they were involved in the experiment.

The Stanford experiment took place in 1971 and was the study of Professor Phillip
Zimbardo. He wanted to see how the effect of prison life psychologically affects both the prisoners and the prison guard.   The experiment went beyond what was expected. This experiment took a life of its own. It changed the attitudes, behaviors, and cognition of the participants and even the Professor himself by permitting this behavior to continue. The guards were told to enforce their authority over some of the prisoners. They were brutalized and dehumanize the prisons to find out the psychological effects it had on them. Many of the prisoners submitted to the guards’ authority and did what was told by harassing other prisoners who resisted their authority. Two of the prisoners quit the experiment early and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days.
After the first day the guards and the prisoners began to take on the roles. All the participants’ behavior started to change on the second day the inmates began to really take on their roles. The inmates started to think of themselves as number and not people or individuals and the guards began to use their authority by stripping the inmates down and dehumanizing them in front of the other inmates.   Once in their roles, the guard’s behavior changed due to the fact that power was given to them that was not use to having it. Therefore they began to demonstrate abuse onto to the...

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