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Starbucks B Essay

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My opinion on Starbucks
Some people like Starbucks, and other hate it. I like the concept, and I think they make a fantastic coffee, and fabulous cakes. They run a popular store, and have branded themselves in a spectacular way. Everybody knows them, and some people even travel far from home to visit Starbucks.
But I really don’t think it is a good idea that Starbucks and other companies ask, and encourages people to donate money, or ask people to do 4 hours community work. I think it is disagreeable that they make commercials, where they are making a song about how we make a better world, and if we do 4 hours community work, we get one free coffee from Starbucks. It is not one free coffee; there makes people want to do voluntary work. Starbucks should be more interested to sell coffee and advertising their company, than to irritating people with advertising about doing community work. I think it is a wrong choice, and I have my doubts about how much the advertising have had an influence at people, and about the number of voluntary workers has been bigger after Starbucks began to advertise about it.  
But in the other hand, and feel different about the other commercial they have made. I think it is okay, that they donate some of the money they earn to communities. If I but a coffee, some of the money goes to Africa. I think it is the right way to go for companies, if they want to donate money. Contemporary you don’t force people to donate, but they show people that they are interested in donating, and are willing to send some of “their own” earnings to Africa which needs the money. At that way they are doing it at the right way, and people maybe buy some more, because they know some of the money goes to Africa. And at the same time, they don’t have to lift a finger, you only have to buy a coffee, after you own needs.

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