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Starbucks Business Strategy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Starbucks Business Strategy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of contents.

I. External analysis of Starbucks.

I. A. Introduction
I. B. Macro-Environment
I.B.b. Key drivers
I.B.c. Scenarios
I.C. Industry/Sector/Task
I.C.a. Porter's 5 forces
I.C.b. Convergence
I.D. Competitors/Market
I.D.a. Product Life Cycle
I.D.b. Strategic Groups
I.D.c Market Segmentation
I.E. SWOT analysis (Opportunities and threats only)

II. Internal analysis of Starbucks.

II.A. Introduction
II.B. Capabilities, resources and competences
II.C. Cost efficiency, value chain and network
II.E. Innovation
II.F. Knowledge management and benchmarking
II.G. SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses only)
II.H. Marketing Mix

III. Strategic choices.

IV. Conclusion.

V. Referencing.
I. External analysis of Starbucks.

I. A. Introduction.

I. B. Macro-Environment.


The coffee takes part of the strategic and naturel raw materials. The market is supervised by the International Coffee Organisation (ICA) which fixes every month the basic price of each coffee variety and ational quotas exports to avoid big variations due to the harvests’ quantity variations. The coffee beans require a particular vigilance in growth.

The exportations of coffee have decreased last year.
Coffee-bar shops have to enhance their company CSR   in term of environment and work conditions to be in coherence with this luxury product.

Nowadays,   “coffee break” is a daily ritual and a cultural and social event. Drinking a coffee permits to relax or work alone or in team. Coffee-bar shops are now competing with coffee individual machine which are always improving the quality and the diversity of coffee.

I.B.b. Key drivers.

Key drivers for change are environmental factors that are likely to have a high impact on the success or failure of strategy:
Being in a daily, close relationship with your customers means you need a flawless service anytime and anywhere. We must consider the fact that the...

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